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this is and we want to help you find your favorite albums on vinyl both online and in the real world!

the story

Hi, I’m Rob Lambert and I created this site. I have always loved music and the past five years or so I have been borderline obsessed with finding great records on vinyl. My idea of fun is going to Half Price Books and shuffling through their used vinyl looking for gems. I decided to start this site when looking for records and wishing that there was a site devoted solely to vinyl records, ideally with a nice mobile phone interface to look up information while shopping for records.

Fun Side Story

In about 2003, a friend of mine and I went in on buying two palates full of records for $100 each not knowing what was in them. That’s a palate that you have to move around with a forklift. Huge. Thousands of records. The Mammoth Record Mart in Skokie was shutting down for good and they were purging their inventory. When we hauled the records to my basement, my friend laughed when he realized that I didn’t have turntable. (I have since obtained a nice turntable and continued my record buying obsession).

What’s with the name

Vinyl World by Fourth Floor - licensed under a creative commons attribution license
I wanted a short name as I forsee building a nice mobile phone/iPhone interface for the site, and a short name is easier to type into a little device with my fat fingers. The .fm top level domain is for the Federated States of Micronesia, but lots of radio stations and hip websites like and use it. FM radio is kind retro like vinyl records themselves. “Wax” is a nice short word that is often used as a synonym for vinyl record. WAX.FM was available, and boom, my record website was named.

So remember, there’s no .com in the name, it’s … that’s it. Short and sweet. Oh, and this site has nothing to do with the pirate radio station Wax FM … i didn’t know about it until I named my site and bought the domain.

Future Stuff

Vinyl Vinyl Vinyl by Jem Stone - licensed under a creative commons attribution license
As I mentioned, I want to make this site great for mobile web browers … probably going to add more places to buy records … probably going to add wishlists and “I own it” lists … but nothing is carved in stone.

Technical Stuff

The data comes from many places including my own head and my own slicing and dicing, but the most prominent data source is currently, so thanks to those guys.

This site is owned and operated by Zabada, Inc.