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AC/DC - Back In Black [Atlantic 50735]

Label: Atlantic
Catalog Number: 50735
Country: Spain
Release Date: 1982-Jan-01
Format: Vinyl (LP)

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134 Releases of Back In Black

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  • A1)   Hells Bells "Las Campanas Del Infierno"
  • A2)   Shoot To Thrill
  • A3)   What Do You Do For Money Honey "¿Que Harias Por Dinero, Cariño?"
  • A4)   Given The Dog A Bone "Dandole Un Hueso Al Perro"
  • A5)   Let Me Put My Love Into You "Dejame Darte Mi Amor"
  • B1)   Back In Black "Vuelta En Negro"
  • B2)   You Shook Me All Night Long "Me Estremeciste Toda La Noche"
  • B3)   Have A Drink On Me "Tomate Un Trago A Mi Salud"
  • B4)   Shake A Leg "Agita Una Pierna"
  • B5)   Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution "El Rock And Roll No Es Contaminación Sonora"

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