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The Beatles - Abbey Road [Odeon 1J 062-04.243]

Label: Odeon
Catalog Number: 1J 062-04.243
Country: Spain
Release Date: 1969-Jan-01
Format: Vinyl (LP)

An EMI Recording. Thanks to George Martin, Geoff Emerick and Philip McDonald. Bailables.

This is one of
330 Releases of Abbey Road

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  • A1)   Come Together = Venir Juntos
  • A2)   Something = Algo
  • A3)   Maxwell's Silver Hammer = El Martillo De Plata De Maxwell
  • A4)   Oh! Darling = Oh, Querida
  • A5)   Octopus's Garden = Jardín Del Pulpo
  • A6)   I Want You (She's So Heavy) = Te Necesito
  • B1)   Here Comes The Sun = Aquí Llega El Sol
  • B2)   Because = Porque
  • B3)   You Never Give Me Your Money = Nunca Me Das Tu Dinero
  • B4)   Sun King = Rey Sol
  • B5)   Mean Mr. Mustard = Mezquino Señor Mostaza
  • B6)   Polytheme Pam = La Sota De Bastos De Politeno
  • B7)   She Came In Through The Bathroom Windows = Ella Entró A Través De La Ventana Del Baño
  • B8)   Golden Slumbers = Sueños Dorados
  • B9)   The End = Fin

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