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The Beatles - The Beatles [Not On Label DLP2-778]

Label: Not On Label
Catalog Number: DLP2-778
Country: Germany
Format: Vinyl (LP)

The 2 LP record set featuring 2 records from 2 different countries released on two different record companies. The Cover remains without any information about who produced or distributed the record! Record 1: The Beatles - 1961 (All Round Trading, AR30003 - produced in Denmark) Record 2: Ringo Starr - Stop And Smell The Roses (Boardwalk, 260 16 015 - produced in Germany) Both records have the original labels from their record companies!

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  • A1)   Memphis
  • A2)   3 Cool Cats
  • A3)   Crying, Waiting, Hoping
  • A4)   To Know Her Is To Love Her
  • A5)   Sure To Fall
  • B1)   Take Good Care Of My Baby
  • B2)   Besame Mucho
  • B3)   September In The Rain
  • B4)   Sheik Of Araby
  • B5)   Searchin'
  • C1)   Private Property
  • C2)   Wrack My Brain
  • C3)   Drumming Is My Madness
  • C4)   Attention
  • C5)   Stop And Take The Time To Smell The Roses
  • D1)   Dead Giveaway
  • D2)   You Belong To Me
  • D3)   Sure To Fall
  • D4)   Nice Way
  • D5)   Back Of Boogaloo

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