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The Beatles - The Beatles [Deutscher Schallplattenclub E 043]

Label: Deutscher Schallplattenclub
Catalog Number: E 043
Country: Germany
Format: Vinyl (LP)

"Eine Aufnahme von Odeon. Sonderauflage für den Deutschen Schallplattenclub. Mit freundlicher Genehmigung der Odeon." - 33 in a triangle on the label on the bottom center and NOT in two circles on the left. - Copyrighttext beginning with "Alle.." and NOT with "Urheber..." like the 66 version. - Underneath "Seite 1" and "Seite 2" on the label is NOT a extra fat "2".

This is one of
367 Releases of The Beatles


  • A1)   She Loves You
  • A2)   Thank You Girl
  • A3)   From Me To You
  • A4)   I'll Get You
  • A5)   I Want To Hold Your Hand
  • A6)   Hold Me Tight
  • B1)   Can't Buy Me Love
  • B2)   You Can't Do That
  • B3)   Roll Over Beethoven
  • B4)   Till There Was You
  • B5)   Money
  • B6)   Please Mister Postman

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