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The Beatles - The Beatles [Polydor SEL-200 413]

Label: Polydor
Catalog Number: SEL-200 413
Country: South Korea
Release Date: 1980-Jan-01
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Manufactured by Sung Eum Limited. Licensed by Polydor International Gmbh, Germany. Approved by K.E.C.P.P. Ministry of Culture and Information Registration No.3 Printed in KOREA.

This is one of
367 Releases of The Beatles


  • A1)   Ain't She Sweet
  • A2)   Cry For A Shadow
  • A3)   Let's Dance
  • A4)   My Bonnie
  • A5)   If You Love Me Baby (Take Out Some Insurance On Me, Baby)
  • A6)   What'd I Say
  • B1)   Sweet Georgia Brown
  • B2)   The Saints (When The Saints Go Marching In))
  • B3)   Ruby Baby
  • B4)   Why
  • B5)   Nobody's Child
  • B6)   Ya Ya (Part 1)

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