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The Beatles - The Beatles [Apple Records SLEMB 134]

Label: Apple Records
Catalog Number: SLEMB 134
Country: Mexico
Release Date: 1989-Jan-01
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Comes with the poster and 4 pictures; no black inner sleeves and no top opening. The cover is plain white; No The Beatles is embossed and not numbered. The titles of the tracks are in english on the inner cover and english with spanish translation on the labels. The year (1973) is reported on the labels.

This is one of
390 Releases of The Beatles

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  • A1)   Back In The U.S.S.R. = Regresa A La U.S.S.R.
  • A2)   Dear Prudence = Querida Prudencia
  • A3)   Glass Onion = Cebolla De Cristal
  • A4)   Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da
  • A5)   Wild Honey Pie = Pastel Salvaje
  • A6)   The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill = La Contínua Historia De Bungalow Bill
  • A7)   While My Guitar Gently Weeps = Mientra Llora Mi Guitarra
  • A8)   Happiness Is A Warm Gun = La Felicidad Es Una Arma Caliente
  • B1)   Martha My Dear = Martha Querida
  • B2)   I'm So Tired = Estoy Cansado
  • B3)   Blackbird = El Cuervo
  • B4)   Piggies = Cochinito
  • B5)   Rocky Raccoon = Rocky El Mapache
  • B6)   Don't Pass Me By = No Me Ignores
  • B7)   Why Don't We Do It In The Road? = Por Que No Lo Hacemos En El Camino?
  • B8)   I Will = Lo Haré
  • B9)   Julia
  • C1)   Birthday = Cumpleaños
  • C2)   Yer Blues
  • C3)   Mother Nature's Son = Hijo De La Madre Naturaleza
  • C4)   Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey = Todos Tienen Algo Que Esconder Excepto Yo Y Mi Chango
  • C5)   Sexy Sadie = La Sexy Sadie
  • C6)   Helter Skelter = Desorden
  • C7)   Long, Long, Long = Largo, Largo, Largo
  • D1)   Revolution 1 = Revolución 1
  • D2)   Honey Pie = Pastelito
  • D3)   Savoy Truffle = Sembradio De Coles
  • D4)   Cry Baby Cry = Llora Nena Llora
  • D5)   Revolution 9 = Revolución 9
  • D6)   Good Night = Buenas Noches

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