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The Beatles - Meet The Beatles [Haishan Records HS-251]

Label: Haishan Records
Catalog Number: HS-251
Country: Taiwan
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Taiwan pressing, no track times given, spelling erros copied from labels, see scans. Noteworthy: back cover has Japanese writing next to each english song title. Copied from Japanese pressing.

This is one of
89 Releases of Meet The Beatles

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  • A1)   I Want To Hold Yur Hand
  • A2)   She Loves You
  • A3)   From Me To You
  • A4)   Twist And Shout
  • A5)   Love Me Do
  • A6)   Baby Its You
  • A7)   Don't Bother Me
  • B1)   Please Please Me
  • B2)   I Saw Her Standing There
  • B3)   P.S. I Love You
  • B4)   Little Child
  • B5)   All My Loving
  • B6)   Hold Me Tight
  • B7)   Please Mister Post Man