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The Beatles - The Revolver [The Swingin' Pig (2) TSP 1000 - 2/2]

Label: The Swingin' Pig (2)
Catalog Number: TSP 1000 - 2/2
Country: Germany
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Gatefold Cover. Limited to 1000 copies. Can be found in different colour variations.

This is one of
349 Releases of The Revolver

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  • A1)   Taxman - US Mono MixCowbells Starts Earlier, After The ´Five Percent´
  • A2)   Eleanor Rigby - US Mono Mix, Stereo Mix Has The ´Elea´ On Two Channels By Mistake
  • A3)   I´m Only Sleeping - Alternate Mono Mix, Extra Backwards Guitar
  • A4)   Love You To - US Mono Mix Lasts A Few Seconds Longer
  • A5)   Here, There And Everywhere - From The Single ´Real Love´ 1995 Remix, More Sound Effects
  • A6)   Yellow Submarine - From The Single ´Real Love´ 1995 Remix, More Sound Effects
  • A7)   She Said She Said - US Mono Mix
  • B1)   Good Day Sunshine - US Mono Mix, Lasts Slightly Longer, A Few Beats Of Bass Missing At End Of Song
  • B2)   And Your Bird Can Sing - US Mono Mix, Louder Handclaps During The Break
  • B3)   For No One - Monitor Mix, No Horn Overdub
  • B4)   Dr. Robert - US Stereo Mix
  • B5)   I Want To Tell You - Us Mono Mix , Different Fade In, Different In Paul´s Vocals
  • B6)   Got To Get You Into My Life - US Mono Mix, Lasts 8 Seconds Longer, Differences In Paul´s Vocals
  • B7)   Tomorrow Never Knows - Completely Different And Quickly Scrapped Mono Mix, Hastely Withdrawn, Very Unique! Differences In Fading And Effects
  • C1)   Paperback Writer - Take 1, Breakdown
  • C2)   Paperbach Writer - Take 2, Same As Single, No Echos On Vocals, No
  • C3)   Rain - Unknown Take, 18/4/1966
  • C4)   I´m Only Sleeping - US Stereo Mix
  • C5)   Here, There And Everywhere - US Mono Mix, No Backing Vocals During The Last Chord
  • C6)   Here, There And Everywhere - Monitor Mix
  • C7)   Yellow Submarine - US Mono Mix
  • C8)   And Your Bird Can Sing - Same Take As Anthology, Without Laughter
  • D1)   Dr. Robert - US Mono Mix, Slightly Longer, John Say´s Ókay Herb´ In The Fade Out
  • D2)   Dr. Robert - UK Mono Mix, Electronic Effect Added On The Vocal
  • D3)   Tomorrow Never Knows - Very Basic Track With Different Sound Effects
  • D4)   Paperback Writer - 7" Mono Mix
  • D5)   Rain - 7" Mono Mix
  • D6)   She Said She Said - John´s Home Demo
  • D7)   Eleanor Rigby - Take 14, Strings Only, With Louder Lead Guitar, Recorded 21/4/1966
  • D8)   Taxman - Mono Mix Of Take 12, With Louder Lead Guitar, Recorded 21/4/1966

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