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Bent Wind - Sussex [Anazitisi Records ARLP/S 60-54F]

Label: Anazitisi Records
Catalog Number: ARLP/S 60-54F
Country: Canada
Release Date: 1969-Sep-30
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Official vinyl reissue. This is a very limited to 55 handnumbered & stamped copies, edition: * printed on double-sided gold paper * with clear (white transparent) vinyls (not black or orange as the rest of the pressing) * reproduced and laminated signed Bent Wind photo (not included in the standard version) * Bent Wind poker chip Also includes: * Two bonus tracks, one at the end of each side of the LP. Both the extra songs are from their lone 1969 single. * The set comes along with a 7" EP called "

This is one of
12 Releases of Sussex

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  • A1)   Sacred Cows
  • A2)   Riverside
  • A3)   Mistify
  • A4)   Going To The City
  • A5)   Castles Made Of Man (bonus, single version)
  • B1)   Look At Love
  • B2)   Hate
  • B3)   Touch Of Red
  • B4)   The Lions
  • B5)   Sacred Cows (bonus, single version)
  • EP-A1)   Leroy Goes West
  • EP-A2)   Gotta Find My Way
  • EP-B1)   She Wants
  • EP-B2)   Blow My Fuse