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Billy Joel - 52nd Street [Columbia PC 35609]

Label: Columbia
Catalog Number: PC 35609
Country: US
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Pressing variation to these releases, [r1224493] & [r5896482]: [l403953] [a255470] appears courtesy of [l904]. [a136198] and [a200783] appear courtesy of [l12186] Records, A Division of [l270238] [a135847], [a253774] and [a232645] appear courtesy of [l264254] [a156019] appears courtesy of [l33121]. [a19274] appears courtesy of [l6785]. Cat # PC 35609 appears on the label and spine. Cat # 35609 appears on the rear cover, bottom-right and inner sleeve, bottom-right.

This is one of
74 Releases of 52nd Street


  • A1)   Big Shot
  • A2)   Honesty
  • A3)   My Life
  • A4)   Zanzibar
  • B1)   Stiletto
  • B2)   Rosalinda's Eyes
  • B3)   Half A Mile Away
  • B4)   Until The Night
  • B5)   52nd Street