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Billy Joel - 52nd Street [CBS S 83181]

Label: CBS
Catalog Number: S 83181
Country: Spain
Release Date: 1981-Jan-01
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Similar to [r=11029179] but with a doubled arrow below stereo. "No. Uno En USA" printed on the cover.

This is one of
74 Releases of 52nd Street

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  • A1)   Ricachon = Big Shot
  • A2)   Honradez = Honesty
  • A3)   Mi Vida = My Life
  • A4)   Zanzibar
  • B1)   Estilete = Stiletto
  • B2)   Los Ojos De Rosalinda = Rosalinda's Eyes
  • B3)   A Media Milla = Half A Mile Away
  • B4)   Hasta La Noche = Until The Night
  • B5)   Calle 52 = 52nd Street