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Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell [Vertigo 6302 017]

Label: Vertigo
Catalog Number: 6302 017
Country: Mexico
Release Date: 1980-Jan-01
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Label artwork variant; font difference as well as this edition's sides are A & B (not numbered as seen here: [r3406635]) Track B4 is misspelled on label as: "Lonely Is The World" El mundo está lleno de Reyes y Reinas, quines te ciegan y despues roban tus sueños- ¡Es el Cielo y el Infierno"

This is one of
66 Releases of Heaven And Hell

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  • A1)   Caballeros De Neon (Neon Knights)
  • A2)   Niños Del Mar (Children Of The Sea)
  • A3)   Mujer Perversa (Lady Evil)
  • A4)   Cielo E Infierno (Heaven And Hell)
  • B1)   Deseando El Bien (Wishing Well)
  • B2)   Morir Joven (Die Young)
  • B3)   Camina Lejos (Walk Away)
  • B4)   Solitario Es La Palabra (Lonely Is The Word)

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