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Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell [Warner Bros. Records BSK 3372]

Label: Warner Bros. Records
Catalog Number: BSK 3372
Country: US
Release Date: 1980-Apr-25
Format: Vinyl (LP)

℗ © 1980 Warner Bros. Records Inc. [url=]Jacksonville Pressing[/url] with variant concentric ring from this [r=1292648] with much smaller pressing ring. WB poly inner sleeve Recorded at Criteria Recording Studios, Miami, Florida Additional recording at Studio Ferber, Paris, France

This is one of
46 Releases of Heaven And Hell

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  • A1)   Neon Knights
  • A2)   Children Of The Sea
  • A3)   Lady Evil
  • A4)   Heaven And Hell
  • B1)   Wishing Well
  • B2)   Die Young
  • B3)   Walk Away
  • B4)   Lonely Is The Word

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