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Blind Faith - Blind Faith [Polydor 583 059]

Label: Polydor
Catalog Number: 583 059
Country: Scandinavia
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Different cover with photography of the band (not nude girl with spaceship) Stevie Winwood & Rick Grech appear through the courtesy of Island Records Ltd. Manufactured by Polydor Records Limited London. TEAM TRYKK NCB P 1969 Polydor trade mark registered for Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft M B H Hamburg

This is one of
124 Releases of Blind Faith

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  • A1)   Had To Cry Today
  • A2)   Can't Find My Way Home
  • A3)   Well All Right
  • A4)   Presence Of The Lord
  • B1)   Sea Of Joy
  • B2)   Do What You Like

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