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The Clash - The Clash [Epic/Sony 25-3P-67]

Label: Epic/Sony
Catalog Number: 25-3P-67
Country: Japan
Release Date: 1977-Jan-01
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Manufactured by Epic/Sony Inc. (Tokyo Japan) Heavy card sleeve with OBI, includes insert with lyrics in English and Japanese

This is one of
85 Releases of The Clash

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  • A1)   Janie Jones
  • A2)   Remote Control
  • A3)   I'm So Bored With The U. S. A.
  • A4)   White Riot
  • A5)   Hate & War
  • A6)   What's My Name
  • A7)   Deny
  • A8)   London's Burning
  • B1)   Career Opportunities
  • B2)   Cheat
  • B3)   Protex Blue
  • B4)   Police & Thieves
  • B5)   48 Hours
  • B6)   Garageland

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