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Demis Roussos - Fire And Ice [Philips 6332 032]

Label: Philips
Catalog Number: 6332 032
Country: Scandinavia
Release Date: 1974-Jan-01
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Sleeve Printed in Norway By TEAM TRYKK Sleeve reads Fire And Rain as title but it's the same LP called "On The Greek Side Of My Mind" No track lengths on this edition NCB

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10 Releases of Fire And Ice

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  • A1)   On The Greek Side Of My Mind
  • A2)   She Came Up From The North
  • A3)   Good Days Have Gone
  • A4)   We Shall Dance
  • A5)   I Know I'll Do Again
  • A6)   Fire And Ice
  • B1)   End Of The Line
  • B2)   My Blue Ship's A-sailin
  • B3)   Mountains Beyond
  • B4)   O My Friends You've Been Untrue To Me
  • B5)   Lord Of The Flies
  • B6)   Without You