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Depeche Mode - Violator [Mute 602557]

Label: Mute
Catalog Number: 602557
Country: Portugal
Release Date: 1990-Jan-01
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Media labels are the same as shown by the original portuguese release. Band's name misprinted on both disc labels. Reads "Depche Mode". Catalogue# printed on right upper corner on backside sleeve. "NOT FOR SALE" print on left upper corner of backside sleeve.

This is one of
53 Releases of Violator

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  • A1)   World In My Eyes
  • A2)   Sweetest Perfection
  • A3)   Personal Jesus
  • A4)   Halo
  • A5)   Waiting For The Night
  • B1)   Enjoy The Silence
  • B2)   Policy Of Truth
  • B3)   Blue Dress
  • B4)   Clean