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Depeche Mode - Violator [Mute Stumm 64]

Label: Mute
Catalog Number: Stumm 64
Country: Scandinavia
Release Date: 1990-Jan-01
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Duration given on the label for track A3 ("Personal Jesus") is incorrect; this track is 4:17 in length, not 4:56 as stated on the label. The version of this track on this release is the same edit of "Personal Jesus" used on the original UK LP ([r=46905]), not the full version used on the UK CD ([r=49769]). ℗ 1990 Mute Records Limited © 1990 Mute Records Limited Recorded & mixed at: Logic Studios, Milan Puk Studios, Denmark The Church, London Master Rock Studios, London Axis, New York All songs publishe

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  • A1)   World In My Eyes
  • A2)   Sweetest Perfection
  • A3)   Personal Jesus
  • A4)   Halo
  • A5)   Waiting For The Night
  • B1)   Enjoy The Silence
  • B2)   Policy Of Truth
  • B3)   Blue Dress
  • B4)   Clean