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Depeche Mode - Violator [ABR Discos TI 786]

Label: ABR Discos
Catalog Number: TI 786
Country: Argentina
Release Date: 1990-Jan-01
Format: Vinyl (LP)

All songs on back side sleeve are written in english (no spanish), also on lyric sheet all songs ONLY in english! Back side sleeve left bottom side: (P) ABR S.A.. Bajo Licencia ToCo International. Distribuido por DBN Ltd. Back side sleeve left uppon corner: TI 786 Back side sleeve identical with the regular Argentina pressing no printed inner sleeve, just pvc sleeve, printed lyric sheet in english finally identical with the regular Argentina press.

This is one of
48 Releases of Violator

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  • A1)   World In My eyes
  • A2)   Sweetest Perfection
  • A3)   Personal Jesus
  • A4)   Halo
  • A5)   Waiting For The Night
  • B1)   Enjoy The Silence
  • B2)   Policy Of Truth
  • B3)   Blue Dress
  • B4)   Clean