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Dire Straits - Money For Nothing [Балкантон ВТА 12582]

Label: Балкантон
Catalog Number: ВТА 12582
Country: Bulgaria
Release Date: 1990-Jan-01
Format: Vinyl (LP)

The cover is made out of hard glossy paper. Labels are in light blue colour, tracklist on the labels is in English. Made in Bulgaria

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42 Releases of Money For Nothing

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  • A1)   Sultans Of Swing
  • A2)   Down To The Waterline
  • A3)   Portobello Belle - Live
  • A4)   Twisting By The Pool (Remix)
  • A5)   Romeo And Juliet
  • A6)   Where Do You Think You're Going
  • B1)   Walk Of Life
  • B2)   Private Investigations
  • B3)   Money For Nothing
  • B4)   Tunnel Of Love
  • B5)   Brothers In Arms