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The Doors - The Doors [Elektra EKS-74007]

Label: Elektra
Catalog Number: EKS-74007
Country: US
Format: Vinyl (LP)

RCA Music Service edition R-114522. RCA Music Service Edition is printed on the LP label and "Manufactured for RCA Music Service under licenser-114522" is printed in red on the back of the LP album cover. Reissue with butterfly vinyl label. Year of reissue unknown.

This is one of
216 Releases of The Doors


  • A1)   Break On Through (To The Other Side)
  • A2)   Soul Kitchen
  • A3)   The Crystal Ship
  • A4)   Twentieth Century Fox
  • A5)   Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
  • A6)   Light My Fire
  • B1)   Back Door Man
  • B2)   I Looked At You
  • B3)   End Of The Night
  • B4)   Take It As It Comes
  • B5)   The End

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