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The Doors - Doors [World Record SLW-1642]

Label: World Record
Catalog Number: SLW-1642
Country: Taiwan
Release Date: 1967-Dec-31
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Track times copied from back cover, spelling errors copied from labels, see scans.

This is one of
194 Releases of Doors

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  • A1)   Break On Through
  • A2)   Soul Kitohen
  • A3)   The Crystal Ship
  • A4)   Twentieth Century Fox
  • A5)   Alabama Song
  • A6)   Light My Fire
  • B1)   Back Door Man
  • B2)   I Looked At You
  • B3)   End Of The Night
  • B4)   Take It As It Comes
  • B5)   The End

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