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Genesis - Genesis [Atlantic 78 01161]

Label: Atlantic
Catalog Number: 78 01161
Country: Canada
Release Date: 1983-Jan-01
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Comes with a printed inner sleeve, including lyrics. Tracks are listed sequentially on the jacket (1 to 9) but not on the labels. Text at bottom of label is bilingual.

This is one of
73 Releases of Genesis

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  • A1)   Mama
  • A2)   That's All
  • A3)   Home By The Sea
  • A4)   Second Home By The Sea
  • B1)   Illegal Alien
  • B2)   Taking It All Too Hard
  • B3)   Just A Job To Do
  • B4)   Silver Rainbow
  • B5)   It's Gonna Get Better