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Genesis - Genesis [AMIGA 8 55 840]

Label: AMIGA
Catalog Number: 8 55 840
Country: German Democratic Republic (GDR)
Release Date: 1981-Jan-01
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Übernahme von Phonogram, Hamburg/BRD Tracks A2 - A4, B2, B4 and B5 are taken from "...And Then There Were Three..." (1978). Tracks A1, A5, B1 and B3 are taken from "Duke" (1980).

This is one of
72 Releases of Genesis

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  • A1)   Behind The Lines
  • A2)   Undertow
  • A3)   Deep In The Motherlode
  • A4)   Snowbound
  • A5)   Guide Vocal
  • B1)   Misunderstanding
  • B2)   Burning Rope
  • B3)   Alone Tonight
  • B4)   Many Too Many
  • B5)   Follow You Follow Me