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Genesis - Genesis [London Records GXH-1054]

Label: London Records
Catalog Number: GXH-1054
Country: Japan
Release Date: 1978-Jan-01
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Yellow vinyl. Limited to 1000. Black/Pink Obi-strip Japanese insert with english lyrics and info. Tracks 1,2,16 and 17 are in Mono. Released to commemmorate the 1978 Japan tour.

This is one of
73 Releases of Genesis

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  • A1)   The Silent Sun
  • A2)   That's Me
  • A3)   Where The Sour Turns Sweet
  • A4)   In The Beginning
  • A5)   Fireside Song
  • A6)   The Serpent
  • A7)   Am I Very Wrong
  • A8)   In The Wilderness
  • B1)   The Conqueror
  • B2)   In Hiding
  • B3)   One Day
  • B4)   Window
  • B5)   In Limbo
  • B6)   Silent Sun
  • B7)   A Place To Call My Own
  • B8)   A Winter's Tale
  • B9)   One Eyed Hound