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Genesis - Genesis [Vertigo LPR-23036]

Label: Vertigo
Catalog Number: LPR-23036
Country: Mexico
Release Date: 1983-Jan-01
Format: Vinyl (LP)

All tracks has Spanish titles on the centerlabel with the English titles in smaller fonts and within parenteses. On the back of the cover titles are written in English with large fonts and in Spanish with small fonts. (P) 1983 Gerling Ltd., London. Manufactured and distributed in Mexico by PolyGram Discos S.A. de C.V.

This is one of
70 Releases of Genesis


  • A1)   Mama (Mama)
  • A2)   That's All (Es Todo)
  • A3)   Home By The Sea (Hogar Junto Al Mar)
  • A4)   Second Home By The Sea (Segundo Hogar Junto Al Mar)
  • B1)   Illegal Alien (Extranjero Ilegal)
  • B2)   Takin' It All Too Hard (Tomandolo Muy En Serio)
  • B3)   Just A Job To Do (Solo Un Trabajo Por Hacer)
  • B4)   Silver Rainbow (Arcoiris Plateado)
  • B5)   It's Gonna Get Better (Sera Mejor)