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Label: WEA
Catalog Number: 89113
Country: Argentina
Release Date: 1985-Jan-01
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Argentinian pressing. Back cover (track list) written in spanish

This is one of
29 Releases of Psychocandy


  • A1)   Just Like Honey
  • A2)   The Living End
  • A3)   Taste The Floor
  • A4)   The Hardest Walk
  • A5)   Cut Dead
  • A6)   In A Hole
  • A7)   Taste Of Cindy
  • B1)   Never Understand
  • B2)   Inside Me
  • B3)   Sowing Seeds
  • B4)   My Little Underground
  • B5)   You Trip Me Up
  • B6)   Something's Wrong
  • B7)   It's So Hard