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Label: Barclay
Catalog Number: XBLY 0820167
Country: France
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Licence YAMETA SERIE PANACHE Imprime en France

This is one of
114 Releases of Axis:Bold As Love


  • A1)   Exp
  • A2)   Up From The Skies
  • A3)   Spanish Castle Magic
  • A4)   Wait Until Tomorrow
  • A5)   Ain't No Telling
  • A6)   Little Wing
  • A7)   If Six Was Nine
  • B1)   You've Got Me Floating
  • B2)   Castles Made Of Sand
  • B3)   She's So Fine
  • B4)   One Rainy Wish
  • B5)   Little Miss Lover
  • B6)   Bold As Love

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