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John Coltrane - A Love Supreme [Impulse! GR-155]

Label: Impulse!
Catalog Number: GR-155
Country: US
Format: Vinyl (LP)

ca. 2015 reissue distinguishable from other variants with GR-155 catalog number by a) the orientation of the barcode, b) the use of a facsimile orange and black label derived from the original Impulse design, and c) and the presence of TML in the runouts. If you have GEO ⓤ in the runout, you have: [r4773442] or [r3313670]. If you have Mastered By Capitol in runout, you have [r594243]. Originally recorded December 9th, 1964. Remastered by Erick Labson at MCA Music Studios Originally released in 1965 on I

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109 Releases of A Love Supreme

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  • A1)   Part 1> Acknowledgement
  • A2)   Part 2> Resolution
  • B1)   Part 3> Pursuance
  • B2)   Part 4> Psalm

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