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Label: Apple Records
Catalog Number: SW 3372
Country: US
Release Date: 1970-Dec-11
Format: Vinyl (LP)

All lyrics © 1970 Maclen (Music) Ltd. (U.K.) [url=]Winchester Pressing[/url] variant of [url=]this U.S. vinyl[/url] by same catalog #. Custom inner sleeve contains lyrics/credits

This is one of
84 Releases of John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band

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  • A1)   Mother
  • A2)   Hold On
  • A3)   I Found Out
  • A4)   Working Class Hero
  • A5)   Isolation
  • B1)   Remember
  • B2)   Love
  • B3)   Well Well Well
  • B4)   Look At Me
  • B5)   God
  • B6)   My Mummy's Dead