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Johnny Cash - At Folsom Prison [CSJ Records CSJ-834]

Label: CSJ Records
Catalog Number: CSJ-834
Country: Taiwan
Release Date: 1968-Jan-01
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Taiwan pressing, no track times given, mis-spellings per label. Noteworty: Side B label has omitted the last 3 songs from the back cover.

This is one of
35 Releases of At Folsom Prison

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  • A1)   Folsm Prison Blues
  • A2)   Dark As The Dungeon
  • A3)   I Still Miss Someone
  • A4)   Cocaine Blues
  • A5)   25 Minutes To Go
  • A6)   Orange Blossom Special
  • A7)   The Long Black Veil
  • B1)   Send A Picture Of Mother
  • B2)   The Wall
  • B3)   Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog
  • B4)   Flushed From The Bath-room Of Your Heart
  • B5)   Jackson
  • B6)   Give My Love To Rose