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Label: CBS
Catalog Number: S 70083
Country: Germany
Release Date: 1971-Jan-01
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Headline 'Originalmusik aus dem Columbia Film "Der Sheriff"' on front cover. (German for 'Original score from the Columbia film "I Walk The Line"'.) Songs sung by Johnny Cash Accompanied by The Tennessee Three Info on labels: Ⓟ 1970 Made in Holland

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52 Releases of I Walk The Line

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  • A1)   Flesh And Blood
  • A2)   I Walk The Line
  • A3)   Hungry
  • A4)   This Town
  • A5)   This Side Of The Law
  • B1)   Flesh And Blood (Instrumental)
  • B2)   'Cause I Love You
  • B3)   'Cause I Love You (String Instrumental)
  • B4)   The Worlds Gonna Fall On You
  • B5)   Face Of Despair
  • B6)   Standing On The Promises / Amazing Grace