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Kiss - Destroyer [Casablanca Records GX 01-863]

Label: Casablanca Records
Catalog Number: GX 01-863
Country: Mexico
Release Date: 1976-Jan-01
Format: Vinyl (LP)

(P)1976 Hencho en Mexico Por GAMMA, S.A. / Emerson 432 / Mexico 5, D.F. Mexican edition to "Destroyer". All prints in Spanish. English titles appear on the labels in brackets.

This is one of
102 Releases of Destroyer


  • A1)   Detroit Ciudad Del Rock (Detroit Rock City)
  • A2)   Reyde De La Vida Nocturno (King Of The Night Time World)
  • A3)   Dios Del Trueno (God Of Thunder)
  • A4)   Grandes Esperanzas (Great Expectations)
  • B1)   Juventud Dorada (Flaming Youth)
  • B2)   Dulce Sufrimiento (Sweet Pain)
  • B3)   Grítenlo Fuerte (Shout It Out Loud)
  • B4)   Beth
  • B5)   ¿Me Amas? (Do You Love Me)

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