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Kiss - Destroyer [Casablanca Records NBLP 7025]

Label: Casablanca Records
Catalog Number: NBLP 7025
Country: Israel
Release Date: 1976-Jan-01
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Recorded and mixed at Record Plant Recording Studios, N.Y.C. Manufactured & Distributed by Hataklit Ltd., Haifa Cat. # 35212 DD on sleeve, DD 35212 on label.

This is one of
102 Releases of Destroyer


  • A1)   Detroit Rock City
  • A2)   King Of The Night Time World
  • A3)   God Of Thunder
  • A4)   Great Expectations
  • B1)   Flaming Youth
  • B2)   Sweet Pain
  • B3)   Shout It Out Loud
  • B4)   Beth
  • B5)   Do You Love Me

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