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Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy [Atlantic 50014]

Label: Atlantic
Catalog Number: 50014
Country: Greece
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Made in Greece by EMI. Cat# 50014 appears on back sleeve, gatefold spread(on top right corner with black letters,different from the 6198851 release that have this on left top corner with white letters) and labels. Comes in a gatefold sleeve.Sticker with Special price orighnal album in front cover. no inner sleeve.

This is one of
201 Releases of Houses Of The Holy

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  • A1)   The Song Remains The Same
  • A2)   The Rain Song
  • A3)   Over The Hills And Far Away
  • A4)   The Crunge
  • B1)   Dancing Days
  • B2)   D'Yer Mak'Er
  • B3)   No Quarter
  • B4)   The Ocean

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