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Mayhem - The Dawn Of The Black Hearts [No Fuckin' Label none]

Label: No Fuckin' Label
Catalog Number: none
Release Date: 1997-Jan-01
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Recorded live in Sarpsborg, Norway 28/2/1990. This release is a picture disc, on one side featuring the infamous picture of former Mayhem vocalist Dead with his brains blown out by a shotgun. On the other side is a statement by Euronymous about this event. Note: this is one in a vast series of Mayhem bootlegs. Some great features are: it claims it is limited to 666 copies, but the space where someone could hand-write which number it is has been left blank. There's also the spelling mistake on track B4.

This is one of
10 Releases of The Dawn Of The Black Hearts

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  • A1)   Deathcrush
  • A2)   Necrolust
  • A3)   Funeral Fog
  • A4)   Freezing Moon
  • B1)   Carnage
  • B2)   Buried By Time And Dust
  • B3)   Chainsaw Gutsfuck
  • B4)   Pure Fucking Armaggedon

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