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Neil Young - Old Man's Fancy [This Little Bird Productions MM 66624]

Label: This Little Bird Productions
Catalog Number: MM 66624
Country: UK
Format: Vinyl (LP)

"Dragonfly Records presents 'The Sounds of the '60's'. A musical documentary. Number 5 in the Series". Live At The L.A. Forum November 4th 1976 And With Firefall And Spirit At Santa Monica Civic August 28th 1976. There's an extra track, should be listed as C4. It's not listed on the sleeve.

This is one of
7 Releases of Old Man's Fancy


  • A1)   Even Richard Nixon's Got It
  • A2)   Human Gateway
  • A3)   Marlon Brando, Pocahontas, And Me
  • A4)   Too Far Gone
  • A5)   Old Man
  • B1)   A Man Needs A Maid
  • B2)   Sugar Mountain
  • B3)   Country Home
  • B4)   Don't Cry No Tears
  • C1)   Down By The River
  • C2)   A Lot Of Love
  • C3)   Like A Hurricane
  • D1)   Cinnamon Girl
  • D2)   Cortez The Killer
  • D3)   Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
  • D4)   Like A Rolling Stone