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Styx - Kilroy Was Here [New Jen Sheng JS-5521]

Label: New Jen Sheng
Catalog Number: JS-5521
Country: Taiwan
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Paper sleeve 11 7/8" square with Chinese characters on the back bottom edge with the numbers 9421089-9431668.

This is one of
36 Releases of Kilroy Was Here


  • A1)   Mr. Roboto
  • A2)   Cold War
  • A3)   Don't Let It End
  • A4)   High Time
  • B1)   Heavy Metal Poisoning
  • B2)   Just Get Through This Night
  • B3)   Double Life
  • B4)   Haven't We Been Here Before
  • B5)   Don't Let It End (Reprise)