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Traffic - Mr. Fantasy [Island Records 85 784-I]

Label: Island Records
Catalog Number: 85 784-I
Country: Spain
Release Date: 1971-Jan-01
Format: Vinyl (LP)

(P) 1971 Fabricado en EspaƱa por Ariola Eurodisc, S.A. The sleeve is dated in 1978. Gatefold cover.

This is one of
65 Releases of Mr. Fantasy

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  • A1)   Heaven Is In Your Mind
  • A2)   Berkshire Poppies
  • A3)   House For Everyone
  • A4)   No Face, No Name And No Number
  • A5)   Dear Mr Fantasy
  • B1)   Dealer
  • B2)   Utterly Simple
  • B3)   Coloured Rain
  • B4)   Hope I Never Find Me There
  • B5)   Giving To You

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