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Traffic - Mr. Fantasy [Island Records ILPS 9061]

Label: Island Records
Catalog Number: ILPS 9061
Country: UK
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Third UK pressing. This version comes in an unlaminated, gatefold cover and has the pink-rimmed Island with palm tree/sunrise label design used from late 1970 to approximately 1975. This is a label variation from with the Traffic 'symbol'/'logo' at 12.00 o'clock on the label rather than 9.00 o'clock, as on the above release. Recorded at Olympic Sound Studios All songs published by Island Music Limited and composed and arranged by the me

This is one of
65 Releases of Mr. Fantasy

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  • A1)   Heaven Is In Your Mind
  • A2)   Berkshire Poppies
  • A3)   House For Everyone
  • A4)   No Face, No Name, No Number
  • A5)   Dear Mr. Fantasy
  • B1)   Dealer
  • B2)   Utterly Simple
  • B3)   Coloured Rain
  • B4)   Hope I Never Find Me There
  • B5)   Giving To You

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