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Various - Rat Music For Rat People Vol. 2 [CD Presents, Ltd. CD 009]

Label: CD Presents, Ltd.
Catalog Number: CD 009
Country: US
Release Date: 1984-Jan-01
Format: Vinyl (LP)

First Pressing on Black Vinyl NOT the repress on blue vinyl.

This is one of
3 Releases of Rat Music For Rat People Vol. 2

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  • A1)   Butthole Surf Theme Song
  • A2)   History
  • A3)   The Seed
  • A4)   Case History
  • A5)   Fake Contest
  • A6)   Middle America
  • A7)   Skate Or Bate
  • B1)   They Sent Me To Hell C.O.D.
  • B2)   Pay To Come Along
  • B3)   (R)evolution In Rock
  • B4)   Legacy Of Man
  • B5)   Madman
  • B6)   Sad To Be
  • B7)   Postcard From Dachau