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Aaron Copland - Twelve Poems Of Emily Dickinson / Three Choruses   


  • )   Twelve Poems Of Emily Dickinson
  • A1)   Nature, The Gentlest Mother
  • A2)   There Came A Wind Like A Bugle
  • A3)   Why Do They Shut Me Out Of Heaven?
  • A4)   The World Feels Dusty
  • A5)   Heart, We Will Forget Him
  • A6)   Dear March, Come In!
  • A7)   Sleep Is Supposed To Be
  • A8)   When They Come Back
  • A9)   I Felt A Funeral In My Brain
  • A10)   I've Heard An Organ Talk Sometimes
  • A11)   Going To Heaven!
  • A12)   The Chariot
  • )   Three Choruses
  • B1)   In The Beginning
  • B2)   Las Agachadas (The Shake -Down Song)
  • B3)   Lark

Track listing above is from US | CBS Masterworks - 32 11 0017 LP

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