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Alan Silvestri - Predator (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)   


  • A1)   Fox Fanfare
  • A2)   Main Title
  • A3)   Something Else: Cut 'Em Down; Payback Time
  • A4)   The Truck
  • A5)   Jungle Trek
  • B1)   Girl's Escape
  • B2)   Blaine's Death
  • B3)   What Happened
  • B4)   He's My Friend
  • B5)   We're Gonna Die
  • B6)   Building the Trap
  • B7)   The Waiting
  • C1)   Can You See Him?
  • C2)   Dillon's Death
  • C3)   Billy and Predator
  • C4)   Dutch Builds Trap
  • D1)   Predtor Injured
  • D2)   Hand to Hand Combat
  • D3)   Predator's Death
  • D4)   The Aftermath; The Pick-up and End Credits

Track listing above is from 2018-Jun-01 | US | Real Gone Music - RGM-0601 LP

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