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Ali Farka Touré - Ali Farka Touré   

This self-titled debut is an amazing collection, spotlighting the Malian guitarist in his full solo acoustic glory for a beautiful, intimate music that recalls American blues. The beauty of Ali Farka Toure lives in Toure's light, nimble touch on the strings as well as his flexible, reedy voice, which both perfectly complement his gentle, ambling rhythmic style. Tastier highlights include the cantering "Tchigi Fo," with haunting call-and-response sung in Songhai, and the oddly pastoral "Kadi Kadi," a sweet folk song about an encounter with a young woman and her gift of a gold chain. The Arabic praise song "Bakoye" is a comely love song that pulses with Ali's low, bubbling fingerpicking over which his voice soars in a lovely bucolic melody. "Amandrai," in both a studio and live version, is the kind of bluesy tune that's made Toure famous and earned him comparisons to Lightnin' Hopkins and John Lee Hooker. And in later releases, we indeed witness the Malian master collaborating with such Western artists


  • A 1)   Biennale
  • A2)   Hali
  • A3)   Karanda Bala Bozo
  • B1)   Roi Fayssal
  • B2)   Treikongo
  • B 3)   Radio Mali

Track listing above is from 1976-Jan-01 | France | Sonafric - SAF 50032 LP

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