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Alice Cooper - Raise The Dead - Live From Wacken   


  • LP-A1)   Hello Hooray
  • LP-A2)   House Of Fire
  • LP-A3)   No More Mr Nice Guy
  • LP-A4)   Under My Wheels
  • LP-A5)   I'll Bite Your Face Off
  • LP-B1)   Billion Dollar Babies
  • LP-B2)   Caffeine
  • LP-B3)   Department Of Youth
  • LP-B4)   Hey Stoopid
  • LP-C1)   Dirty Diamonds
  • LP-C2)   Welcome To My Nightmare
  • LP-C3)   Go To Hell
  • LP-D1)   He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)
  • LP-D2)   Feed My Frankenstein
  • LP-D3)   Ballad Of Dwight Fry
  • LP-D4)   Killer
  • LP-D5)   I Love The Dead
  • LP-E1)   Break On Through
  • LP-E2)   Revolution
  • LP-E3)   Foxy Lady
  • LP-E4)   My Generation
  • LP-F1)   I'm Eighteen
  • LP-F2)   Poison
  • LP-F3)   School's Out / Another Brick In The Wall
  • CD1-1)   Hello Hooray
  • CD1-2)   House Of Fire
  • CD1-3)   No More Mr Nice Guy
  • CD1-4)   Under My Wheels
  • CD1-5)   I'll Bite Your Face Off
  • CD1-6)   Billion Dollar Babies
  • CD1-7)   Caffeine
  • CD1-8)   Department Of Youth
  • CD1-9)   Hey Stoopid
  • CD1-10)   Dirty Diamonds
  • CD1-11)   Welcome To My Nightmare
  • CD1-12)   Go To Hell
  • CD2-1)   He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)
  • CD2-2)   Feed My Frankenstein
  • CD2-3)   Ballad Of Dwight Fry
  • CD2-4)   Killer
  • CD2-5)   I Love The Dead
  • CD2-6)   Break On Through
  • CD2-7)   Revolution
  • CD2-8)   Foxy Lady
  • CD2-9)   My Generation
  • CD2-10)   I'm Eighteen
  • CD2-11)   Poison
  • CD2-12)   School's Out / Another Brick In The Wall
  • DVD-1)   Hello Hooray
  • DVD-2)   House Of Fire
  • DVD-3)   No More Mr Nice Guy
  • DVD-4)   Under My Wheels
  • DVD-5)   I'll Bite Your Face Off
  • DVD-6)   Billion Dollar Babies
  • DVD-7)   Caffeine
  • DVD-8)   Departmen Of Youth
  • DVD-9)   Hey Stoopid
  • DVD-10)   Dirty Diamonds
  • DVD-11)   Welcome To My Nightmare
  • DVD-12)   Go To Hell
  • DVD-13)   He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)
  • DVD-14)   Feed My Frankenstein
  • DVD-15)   Ballad Of Dwight Fry
  • DVD-16)   Killer
  • DVD-17)   I Love The Dead
  • DVD-18)   Break On Through
  • DVD-19)   My Generation
  • DVD-20)   I'm Eighteen
  • DVD-21)   Poison
  • DVD-22)   School's Out / Another Brick In The Wall

Track listing above is from 2014-Dec-05 | Germany | UDR GmbH - UDR 0337 LP

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