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Alpine Decline - Go Big Shadow City   

Label: Alpine Decline
Catalog Number: AD005-GBSC-01
Country: China
Release Date: 2014-Feb-03
Format: Vinyl (LP)

Alpine Decline Go Big Shadow City alpine decline is j.z. / p.z. produced by yang haisong recorded at xiaoping beijing & psychic sounds beijing master by ron mcmaster (capitol records) bonus engineering by liu yi ke fortitude: sun xia visuals by the great nordic swordfights North American Mountain and Wilderness Society A.S.C.A.P. winter 2013 阿尔平堕落 Go Big Shadow City 阿尔平堕落是柴德林/牟建华 杨海崧制作 在北京小萍和psychic kong beijing录音 马容(capitol)制作母带 刘一可协助录音 孙霞坚忍不拔 封面由the great nordic swordfights设计 North American Mountain and

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