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And Also The Trees - Green Is The Sea   

1992 album by this English goth/ post-modern group from the '80s. The band's sound has been compared to the Cure and Sisters Of Mercy, and both the Chameleons and Joy Division have been cited as influences. 11 tracks.


  • A1)   Red Valentino
  • A2)   The Fruit Room
  • A3)   Men Of Absolute
  • A4)   Tremendous Risk For Mr. Ferdico
  • A5)   Blind Opera
  • A6)   The Dust Sailor
  • B1)   The Woodcutter
  • B2)   River Of Flame
  • B3)   Mermen Of The Lea
  • B4)   Man Who Knew
  • B5)   Jacob Fleet

Track listing above is from 1992-Jan-01 | Germany | Normal - NORMAL 134 LP

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