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The Animated Egg - Guitar Freakout   


  • A1)   A Love Built On Sand
  • A2)   Inside Looking Out
  • A3)   I Said, She Said, Ah Cid
  • A4)   "T"omorrow
  • A5)   Sure Listic
  • B1)   Sippin' And Tippin'
  • B2)   Dark
  • B3)   Down, Down And Gone
  • B4)   Sock It My Way
  • B5)   That's How It Is
  • C1)   Fool's Luck
  • C2)   What's Your Bag?
  • C3)   Boil The Kettle
  • C4)   Light Show
  • C5)   Expo In Sound
  • D1)   Free Form In 6
  • D2)   Our Man Hendrix
  • D3)   Red Eyes
  • D4)   Hard Times
  • D5)   Tune Out Of Place
  • D6)   Kimeaa

Track listing above is from 2008-Jan-01 | US | Sundazed Music - LP 5260 LP

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