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Anti-Heros - That's Right!   


  • A1)   The Anti-Heros Are Here
  • A2)   Disco Riot
  • A3)   You Can't Kill The Blues With A Gun
  • A4)   The Other Side
  • A5)   The Young Loner
  • A6)   The Herbert Moonstomp
  • A7)   Some Fun
  • B1)   He's A Skin
  • B2)   I'm Hungry
  • B3)   Choose
  • B4)   The Bomb
  • B5)   Porch Monkey
  • B6)   What's A Skin
  • B7)   Smash A Window

Track listing above is from 1987-Jan-01 | UK | Link Records (4) - LINK LP 020 LP

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